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Heinz was an Original Character who posed as a fan-character of Tekken from the eighth season of Survivor Fan Characters. He has since returned for the tenth season, Battle of The Tribes, on his original tribe, Yrsa'Ka, having now associated himself with Tekken.

Heinz is known for being the only contestant to return to the game after originally voted out. During the tribe phase of the game, he was duped by Matt into switching from Yrsa'Ka to Jiut'Zsa, and became the sixth person voted out, however after Matt and Xero found the Hidden Immunity Idol at the beginning of the merge, they invoked the outcast twist, and after a vote, Heinz was brought into the Jumanji tribe.

Heinz has returned, along with four of his Yrsa'Ka tribemates, to SFC in the tenth season, in the Yrsa'Ka tribe. He placed 17th out of 20.

He is unpopular amongst many fans of the series, mainly for his actions in the merge phase of SFC8.

Season 8: Midway IslandEdit

Sfc8 Heinz
Heinz started on the orange Yrsa'Ka tribe, He was loosely aligned with Jackie, Kiara and Malik, but because he preferred to be alone in the beginning he was left in the dark about most of his alliance's strategy, which was made clear when his tribe had to vote on Day 6. His cluelessness was one of many factors in Freddie's departure at that tribal council.

As the loner of the tribe, he spent most of his time on Midway Island, where he met Matt, and later Johnny. The three formed a cross-tribal alliance, and Matt told Heinz that if he ever felt he was in danger, he was welcome on Jiut'Zsa.

After Freddie's departure, and a berating from Jackie, Heinz started interacting more with his tribe. He became close friends with Kiara after Alice was voted out in the tribe's second tribal council, since they both seemed to be the more level-headed people in an extremely aggressive tribe.

Late into the tribe phase, Xero mutinied to Yrsa'Ka, much to everyone's surprise, with an idol in his pocket. He put the tribe into worse shape than it was previously and threw the immunity challenge, causing everyone to turn on him. Just before that day's tribal council, Heinz and Jackie talked to one another, and accidentally found out Xero's plan. Thanks to this, they negated Xero's strategy to get Heinz out of the game, and instead ousted Emilee.


Heinz after being voted back in the game.

After that tribal council, Heinz talked to Xero, and Xero made him doubt that his tribe had faith in him. Due to this, and also wanting to get Xero out, Heinz mutinied to Jiut'Zsa, in a plan to have Yrsa'Ka throw immunity that day and vote Xero out. However, this plan failed, and faced with tribal council, Matt turned on Heinz and backstabbed him, making him the sixth person voted out.

After the merge, Matt and Xero find the Hidden Immunity Idol, and Matt takes it for himself. After that night's tribal council, where Xero was voted out due to Matt's possession of the idol, the castaways were told to stay at tribal council, much to Matt's despair, for another vote. This time they were voting on which pre-merge boot would be brought back to the game. The six outcasts were Shaniqua, Freddie, Alice, Penny, Emilee, Heinz and Jackie. Heinz ultimately won over the tribe and was voted back in by Kiara, Malik, Iraenus and Geena.

During the merge he and Matt became caught in a bitter rivalry, however they both lasted to the Final Tribal Council, with Melanie as the third person. During this tribal council, Heinz was outed by Oehda as a non-fan character.

Heinz received two votes, from Kiara and Malik, and finished the game in 2nd place.

Voting HistoryEdit

Episode Heinz's Vote Voted Against Heinz

Yrsa'Ka Immune

2 Oehda -
3 Alice -
4 Yrsa'Ka Immune
5 Emilee Xero
6 Geena Geena, Iraenus, Johnny, Matt
7 Voted Out
8 Outcast Twist, Returned Day 25
9 Nullified Immune
10 Matt -
11 Matt Geena, Iraenus, Matt


Matt Immune
13 Geena


Iraenus -
First Runner Up, Day 39

Season 10: Battle of the TribesEdit


Heinz in Season 10

Heinz has returned for the current season, Battle of the Tribes, the second all-star season.

He is part of the orange Yrsa'Ka Tribe, made up of players who, from season 8, have been a part of Yrsa'Ka for any length of time. His tribemates are Jackie, Oehda, Emilee, and Xero.

On day 1 Heinz was grouped into one of two faux tribes that had been set up before the game. His faux tribe consisted of himself, Ryuia, Bonnie (formerly Prescilla), Xero, Oehda, Chloe, Quadratic, Minerva, Baxter and Sanza.

He discovered the Yrsa'Ka camp on the first day, along with Xero and Oehda, and discovered that the faux tribe they were placed in wasn't their real tribe.#

On day 11 Heinz was voted out by the Retro tribe, having had no great impact on the story as a whole.

Voting HistoryEdit

Episode Heinz's Vote Voted Against Heinz
1 Xero -
2 Yrsa'Ka Immune Yrsa'Ka Immune
3 Yrsa'Ka Immune Yrsa'Ka Immune
4 Baxter

Baxter, Kris, Miranda, Minerva, Phil

5 Voted out Day 11