Emilee competed on Survivor Fan Characters 8: The Midway Island and was a original member of the Yrsa'ka tribe.
Sfc8 Emilee

Emilee's Cast Release picture

She is from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Emilee was an original member of the Yrsa'ka tribe. On day 1 Emilee outs tribemate Melanie for using her succubus ways on another tribemate, Freddie.

On day 5, Emilee, Melanie, and Oehda form an alliance, much to Emilee and Melanie's liking. On day 6, the alliance ropes in fellow tribemate Alice and after extreme grilling at tribal council, Freddie is sent packing.

On day 9, the group of Emilee, Oehda, and Melanie decide to join with the majority and send old alliance member Alice packing.

On day 13, Xero mutineed to Yrsa'ka and at tribal council, he played an idol, but had wasted it when Heinz and Jackie see through is plan and vote out Emilee in a 2-1-0 vote.

On day 24, an outcast twist was revealed. Emilee had the opportunity to come back into the game, however she only garnished two votes.